Setting poles for a ground mount solar PV installation
Ground mount installation in western PA farm.
A scenic rural site,surrounded by trees and even with a stream flowing through the property, required the installation of a 20 foot steel post and related gear to mount the rack.

When you contact us, be sure to ask about the government incentives for installing solar. Also, tell us if your project is residential, commercial or industrial.

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You can put solar panels on your roof or in your yard. It just depends on your site. We can take a look at that for you! Just contact us for an evaluation of your location. Or, how about your parking lot?      814-938-4649
       A completed, producing solar PV array makes everyone happy!

    Why Solar?     

    Lots of Reasons!

    1. You can "zero" you electric bill!

    2. Receive State or Federal incentives for installing Green energy

    3. Receive RENEWABLE ENERGY CERTIFICATES (REC),  which can be traded like stocks!

    4. Your system can be expanded with battery backup and on-site generators for uninterrupted power!

    Why Call Us?

    We are a certified installer (PA 102697) and can provide you with an on-site evaluation of your ability to participate in this:

    Money Saving and Money Making Opportunity!

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